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Antinori Conte della Vipera
Antinori Conte della Vipera
Antinori Conte della Vipera
Balanced, elegant with a refined taste. The balance between quality and price is definitely assured.
Alcohol12,5 %
Size0.75 l.
ClassificationVINO DA TAVOLA
GrapeSauvignon Blanc with a small quantity of Chardonnay
TasteStylish, soft and well-structured with aromas echoed nicely on the palate.
ColourStraw-like yellow
NoseVery intense, fruity aromas deriving from the combination of varietal features of the two grapes.
AccompaniesSea food
Five stars year considered excellent. The winter was quite cold, particularly the minimum temperatures, while the mild, well-balanced spring weather allowed good foliage development. This year, like the last three years, this phenological phase was slightly delayed. Fruit setting and flowering took place normally thanks to steady high temperatures. July and August were warm without peaks of heat so the grapes ripened gradually and steadily although they were slightly behind at the time of harvesting. Like 2005 there was plenty of rain enabling the plants to avoid stress due to lack of water in summer. The grapes ripened healthily without damage from the rain in August. The Sauvignon harvest began in late August when the grapes were healthy and rich in aromas. The Chardonnay harvest began in the third week of August when the grapes showed perfect balance of sugars and polyphenolic substances.
The wine takes its name from the first owners of Castello della Sala and the label shows a drawing of the 15th century chapel of San Giovanni on the property. The first vintage of Conte della Vipera was 1997.

TCD Score: 89/100
A score of 89 for a wine with a unique character. A good alternative for the more well known Cervaro della Sala that is going definitely to satisfy your expectation

Antinori Conte della Vipera 2007
The Antinori brand is one of Italy's most famous brands internationally. Famous for world class wines including the very famous "Tignanello" the very first "Super Tuscan" and some would argue; still the best. Today, Antinori owns 1,400 hectares of land operating in 10 estates spread throughout Tuscany and into Umbria. Antinori produces wonderful Chianti but is most famous for their blended wines. With a huge range of wines using many grape varieties Antinori could be considered the most complete and 21st century vineyard in Italy.

The ancient Antinori family have lived in Florence since the early 13th century when they moved here from Calenzano, a small town between Florence and Prato, where their presence was recorded back in 1188. The merchant family were registered with the Guild of Silk Weavers since 1285 and later with the Guild of Bankers, thanks also to the branches that opened in Bruges and Lyons, and the growing network of business in Europe.

They were also wine producers and merchants, and it was this business that became prevalent over time: Giovanni di Piero Antinori registered with the Guild of Winemakers in 1385 . Production and sales of wine became increasingly important for the family and by the 16 th century they were known to various clients outside Italy.

Wine remained the family's main passion and activity to the extent that in 1898 , when the “ Fattoria dei Marchesi Lodovico e Piero Antinori ” was founded, the property and farms were transformed into a really modern and well-organized business.

It was founded by the two sons of Marchese Niccolò - a direct descendent of that Niccolò who purchased Palazzo Antinori in 1506 – who had already devoted a good deal of time to making Tuscan wines a fine quality, well-known product.


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