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Valdobbiadene Prosecco Extra Dry - V.S.Q.P.R.D
Valdobbiadene Prosecco Extra Dry - V.S.Q.P.R.D
Valdobbiadene Prosecco Extra Dry - V.S.Q.P.R.D
A great year for Prosecco from a famous Italian producer, 30% off this fizz for a short time only.
Alcohol12,30 %
Size0.75 l.
Grape90% Prosecco and 10% Chardonnay.
TasteFine grain perlage with abundant and persistent foam.
ColourAt sight it is pale straw-yellow.
NoseBouquet: fragrant, flowery which continues in a soft, cheerful, typically fruity taste.
AccompaniesIt is versatile. People like it for the dry softness of its character, for its spontaneity and for the kindness of its bouquet. And friendliness flows. Then Prosecco DOC Extra-Dry is a natural joyful aperitif, a partner with light fish dishes, made according to Veneto style. It becomes an auspicious expression and a moment of happiness. It is the Sparkling Wine.
TemperatureBest temperature between 7° and 9° C with big goblets. Avoid shaking before opening. It is also advisable not to aim the bottle against people or fragile objects at opening.
HarvestHarvested by hand generally at the end of September
Excellent value for money for a Bortolotti favourite, the extra dry is our favourite of this range and we've priced it to sell.
The choice of method for making sparkling wine from a must-enriched basis is very individual. In this way we emphasize the freshness of the grape and the aromatic quality. This sparkling wine offers a fragrant bouquet with a flowery tone, which continues in its slightly soft, cheerful, and typically fruity taste. It elegantly summarises the pleasing discretion and captivating balance of characters which determine the typicality of the wine. Growing location Valdobbiadene municipality on soils with fairly good depth at the presence of clay, marly sandstone and molasses of Miocene.

TCD Score: 89/100
89 points for one of the best Proseccos around this price point.

In 1947 Umberto Bortolotti's aspirations came true. He was a young enologist who founded his winery with a pioneer's spirit and typical post-war zest. Serious application, coupled with enthusiasm, allowed him to acquire prestige, with the result that his company moved in 1954 to its present site which, in the following years, underwent restoration and considerable enlargement, in response to the new demands. But during this development, a natural result of the ever-changing production, he always kept faith with the personal and professional ethics which formed the basis of his philosophy. Moreover, seriousness, respect, and devotion to work were to be passed down to his son Bruno who is now at the helm of the company. The Bortolotti wine-growers have been making their own sparkling wines for decades, combining tradition and progressive techniques with careful quality selection. As they expect the best of their wines they also want their buyers to demand the best. To carry out his company purpose the Umberto Bortolotti Wineries has obtained in the 2003 the Certificate according to UNI EN ISO 9002:1994 rules which in September 2004, after a serious work on part of everybody has became the new Certificate UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 for sparkling wines, semi sparkling wines and quiet wines. Umberto Bortolotti Winery is right in the very heart of Valdobbiadene, a charming town with a landscape full of rows of vines and traditional cultivation rites.
Vadlobbiadene - Treviso
Veneto is among the foremost wine-producing regions, both for quality and quantity. The region counts over 20 DOC zones and a variety of sub-categories, many of its wines, both dry and Spumanti, are internationally known and appreciated. The three most well known DOCs are Bardolino, from the town with the same name and surrounding the shores of Garda Lake, Valpolicella, and Soave. Other noteworthy wines produced here are the white Bianco di Custoza, the excellent sparkling Prosecco, the Breganze, and the Amarone (a rich and powerful red from the Verona province). If you travel to the Treviso area, look for the little-known Clinton, a wine that is banned from distribution because it does not conform to the DOC standards, but is produced in limited quantities for local consumption. The importance of winemaking in this region is underscored by the creation in 1885 of the very first Italian school for vine growing and oenology. In addition, Veneto was the first region to constitute the first strada del vino or "wine road". This first wine-touring road featured special road signs providing information on vines and the wines they were made into and joined the Valdobbiadene and Conegliano DOC zones crossing a series of hilly vineyards. The most appreciated wines in the region come from the provinces of Treviso, Verona, Padova, Venice, and Vicenza. The area around Verona, with its temperate climate and hilly surrounding, is believed to have cultivated grapes since the Bronze Age.


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