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Est!Est!!Est!! Rocca dei Papi
Est!Est!!Est!! Rocca dei Papi
Est!Est!!Est!! Rocca dei Papi
One of the best Est!Est!!Est!!! wines in production and with a 30% discount to The Cellar Door customers to encourage you to try this staple of Lazio wines.
Alcohol12 %
Size0.75 l.
Grape"Procanico" (65%), Malvasia Toscana (20%), "Rossetto" (15%).
TasteWhite dry citron DOC wine. Lightly tannic, light and slightly bitter, bitter sweetish taste.
ColourStraw brilliant yellow
NoseFine and persistent scent with golden apple and almond fragrance
AccompaniesClassy all-around meal withe wine.
Four stars year considered excellent
Noble wine with an old tradiction typical of Viterbo's lands and produced in Montefiascone. Characteristic maceration with on -the-skin low temperature for a mild extraction of resvetrarhol like in red wines

TCD Score: 86/100
86 Points for one of the best examples of Est!Est!!Est!!!

Cantina di Montefiascone
The legendary story of a noble german prelate Johan De Fugger, lover of good wine, who, during a trip to Rome, used to send his servant Martinus ahead as wine-taster ordering him to write the latin word EST! (it is) on the gate of every town visited if wine was good and EST!EST!! if excellent. When the servant reached Montefiascone, he found a wine to be so good that he wrote EST! three times. It was the year 1111 and EST!EST!!EST!!! became famous. Cantina di Montefiascone gathers the original producers of EST!EST!!EST!!! Cantina di Montefiascone is a cooperative founded in 1956. It is composed of 959 members and it has as statutory mandate the increase and improvement of its production through grape processing for the wine production referring to specific methods and scientific protocols, techniques and technologies and to the related regulations for V.Q.P.R.D. wines and wines obtained from a severe regime of certified organic agriculture. The Cantina di Montefiascone adopts the ISO9002 regulation scheme and implements advanced technologies and innovative methods such as soft crushing, temperature-controlled fermentation, carried out under pressure without oxygen, carbonic steeping, storage in inert-gas atmosphere, low temperature sterile bottling without pasteurization, etc.


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EST!EST!!EST!! ROCCA DEI PAPI 2007 - WINE - Cantina di Montefiascone Latium

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